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Addiction Intervention in Colorado

Our Intervention in Colorado is provided by interventionists who have successfully led many people to treatment and eventual recovery.

One can’t look at the beautiful landscape of Colorado, with the mountains, waterfalls, and star-studded skies, and not be in awe. However, even with the picturesque views, addiction can prevent someone from seeing the benefits of living in Colorado; and an intervention might be the only way to stop this pattern from continuing.

Denial of addiction or a problem with a harmful habit is a notorious action an addicted person will make, so intervention is important to bring the addiction out in the open. A staged meeting between an addicted person and his/her loved ones, with the guidance of an experienced interventionist, an intervention allows loved ones to share their hope for change in the addicted person before it is too late.

Sometimes the belief is that a person has to hit rock bottom before they will accept help but believes there is never a better time than now to let your loved one know there is help, and recovery is possible.

Opioid and Heroin Abuse Statistics in Colorado

Although the opioid overdose rate is below the national average, in a seven-year period (2010-2017), Colorado has experienced a five-time increase in heroin overdose deaths and double the number of opioid overdose deaths. Opioid deaths are the result of increased convenience to fatal opioids, such as methadone, fentanyl, and other prescriptions.

Sadly, opioid abuse has also been exposed more to children through its use during pregnancy, as recent information shows a 69% increase in babies with neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome from 2011 to 2016. 

In regards to heroin, addiction isn’t the only thing on the rise, as cases of hepatitis C have increased in Colorado due to the use of intravenous heroin use. More than 17% of new cases of hepatitis C are the result of heroin use intravenously. 

Now more than ever is the time for a drug intervention if your loved one is struggling with an opioid and/or heroin addiction. Our Colorado drug intervention helps to awaken an addicted person to the dangers of drug abuse and what their actions are doing to those that love them. As they see and learn the consequences of continuing their habit, the goal is that they make the choice to stop and get help to reach sobriety.

Meet our Interventionists in Colorado

Our founder, Brad Lamm, knows the challenges that come with admitting you have an addiction and need help. Beginning his own recovery process from addiction in 2003, Brad makes sure our interventionists are professional, courteous, and willing to calmly navigate any situation that might arise in an intervention.

Our Colorado intervention locations have interventionists with extensive professional backgrounds who have successfully aided in several interventions that have led to treatment and eventual recovery. We seek to work with families of addicted people to let them know they aren’t alone in this journey, and that we have tools and resources available to make an intervention as successful as possible.

The goal overall is to ensure that the addicted person is handled with dignity as they grapple with the decision to get treatment and that they feel encircled in love and respect by our team and their loved ones.

Joseph Regan

Joe Regan of The Recovery Guides is a licensed private investigator and certified intervention professional. As principal investigator and interventionist at TRG Joe specializes in missing persons, adult substance use disorder interventions, and investigating claims of behavioral healthcare fraud and abuse.

Jordan DeHaan

Jordan de Haan is a skilled interventionist in the field, having facilitated hundreds of interventions. Jordan’s scope of practice includes adults and adolescents. With a genuine passion for the work, Jordan brings to the table his own personal experience with recovery, treatment, and group-based facilitation.

How does an Alcohol Intervention in Colorado work?

There are options to consider for an alcohol intervention, all handled with the mission to provide respect, love, and hope to not only the addicted person but also their family and friends. 

One in five adults drinks excessively in Colorado, while there are five deaths per day due to excessive drinking. In terms of economic cost due to alcohol abuse in Colorado, the total comes to $5 billion, which is pretty costly for a harmful habit society sees as acceptable. 

One option personally offers is the Breakfree Intervention approach, which combines a family-infused intervention with a family-focused recovery curriculum that is long-term. This has proven very effective for several families, leading to successful recovery for addicted people in Colorado.

There is also an option where an interventionist-guided workshop can provide the needed opportunity for an addicted person and their loved ones to share how the addiction is affecting everyone and what steps need to be taken next.

Fight against what society has convinced your loved one to believe, that drinking and getting drunk is acceptable. The loss of jobs, relationships, health, and even freedom, if arrested for a DUI, are not things you can ever get back with a bottle.

How Colorado Drug Intervention Can Help Your Loved One

If drugs are the means of addiction affecting your loved one, our Colorado Drug Interventions are available and successful in getting your loved one the treatment to help. 

Just as with alcohol interventions, drug interventions allow the family and friends of an addicted person to come forward and share their feelings through the guidance of an interventionist. Workshops are available for a more reserved setting, as is our Breakfree Intervention model that combines intervention with successful recovery.

Get Help for Your Loved One with our Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Colorado

Drug and alcohol abuse are not habits you want to mess with, nor do you want to see your loved ones dealing with the effects for the rest of their lives. If you believe your loved one is in need of an intervention for their addictive habits, contact us today and speak to one of our licensed addiction specialists.

They will walk with you through options to consider for intervention and lead you on the path to making decisions that could ultimately help save your loved one. Take the next step toward making sure your loved one doesn’t miss out on the beauty that living in Colorado brings because addiction is holding them hostage.

Need an intervention?

Is a loved one struggling with addiction? We can help. Let us connect you with an interventionist so they can get the help they need.

Call Us: (800) 789-1605

Need an intervention?

Is a loved one struggling with addiction? We can help. Let us connect you with an interventionist so they can get the help they need.

(800) 789-1605

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Over the last decade, our Intervention Specialists have helped thousands of families put the pieces back together; we can help your family too.

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