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    Holistic Drug Rehabs offer an integrated approach

    holistic rehab

    One of the most rewarding and effective ways to overcome an addiction is to choose a treatment program that follows a Holistic Rehabilitation model. This type of program acknowledges that the mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected. They offer an integrated approach to getting healthy, that goes beyond the standard treatment protocol. Holistic drug rehabs will help you to simultaneously put a stop to your addiction, as well as grow into a more healthy and balanced person as a whole.

    Holistic Wellness, a.k.a Holism: What is it?

    You may have already heard of the term Holistic Wellness, as it has been growing in popularity over the last few decades, but do you know what it really means?

    When we think about holism, certain images might pop into mind like granola, yoga classes, kale salad, and essential oils… Although these are some of the things that the holistic health movement is known for, this image is a little bit superficial.

    These are really just minor components of Holistic Health and there is so much more to it! Rather than just a collection of specific practices and dietary rules, holistic wellness is a Point of View on health, and what it means to be truly well.

    One easy way to understand Holistic health, is to think of it as Whole-istic health, because it involves paying attention to the whole individual. Mind, Body, and Spirit are all equally valued, and acknowledged as necessary components of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

    The underlying idea behind Holism is that when one area of our lives is neglected and suffering, everything else will suffer along with it. Our minds, bodies, and spirits cannot flourish separately; they have to work together to form a complete, healthy individual. In order to grow to our full potential, we have to tend to all of these components.

    What do Holistic Rehab Centers do differently?

    What makes these facilities different is that they will treat more than just the individual symptoms of addiction. You will learn to nourish your body through exercise and healthy eating, connect with your inner self through different forms of meditation, and discover life’s joys without needing to use drugs or alcohol.

    When you enroll in a holistic rehab center, you can take advantage of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) techniques that traditional rehabs won’t offer. Let’s go over some of the most popular and effective CAM techniques:

    • Yoga: A combination of exercise and meditation, yoga is a discipline that’s been practiced in Asia for centuries. It helps to heal our mind, spirit and body all in one. Using stretches and poses that strengthen the body and relax the mind, yoga sessions will leave you feeling refreshed overall. Major Eastern religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism all make use of yoga practices as a part of their spiritual teachings. There is just something about stretching the body that brings us wellness and peace of mind.

    • Herbal Therapy: Many of us would prefer to recover from drug and alcohol addiction without having to take any more substances. Holistic rehab facilities may consult with trained herbalists to help you ease the symptoms of withdrawal and the anxiety that go along with rehabilitation using different preparations of plants and spices.

    • Massage: As active addicts, we do things that harm our bodies and weaken our bones and muscles. Perhaps we’ve incurred injuries along the way that cause chronic pain. Massage therapy can help relieve us from tension and pain, and also help us begin the process of healing our physical bodies.

    • Meditation: A key component of any holistic health program, meditation is the best way to get in touch with our spirit. There are countless different methods of meditation, your rehab facility might offer: Guided breathing sessions, meditation retreats, guided imagery, and more.

    Holistic Drug Rehabs

    Like traditional rehabs, Holistic drug rehab centers still make use of the standard treatment protocol which includes a medically supervised detox phase, rehabilitation through therapy and skill-building, as well as long-term recovery planning.

    Holistic Alcohol Rehabs

    Drinking alcohol to excess can deteriorate our brain’s ability to think clearly, and wreak havoc on our physical bodies. Alcohol not only scars our livers and kills brain cells, it dehydrates our entire body, leads to malnutrition, and can lead to mood disorders like depression and anxiety. To recover from alcoholism, we need to heal both inside and out.

    Hello there, and thanks for reaching out. I am so glad you reached out today to get help for your loved one. Please take a few minutes to answer the following so we can best help.

    Hello there, and thanks for reaching out. I am so glad you reached out today to get help for your loved one. Please take a few minutes to answer the following so we can best help.

    Hello there, and thanks for reaching out. I am so glad you reached out today to get help for your loved one. Please take a few minutes to answer the following so we can best help.