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A medically supervised detoxification is oftentimes the first item to address when helping an addicted loved one get better.

If your loved one needs to detox from alcohol, or drugs, before entering a treatment program, we have access to the best resources nationwide and participate only with providers who have signed the Fair Care Promise.

Our providers all stand by the Fair Care Promise and deliver services with integrity and honesty. Detox can be a difficult process, so it’s critical it be done right.

It is critical to success, that your loved one gets the medical care and attention they need to make the process as easy as possible. Our Change Plan will track the best route from intervention to detox to treatment and beyond. Our services don’t end with your loved one either; we attend to the needs of the entire family through our Family ClassTM program.

Different addictions need different detox resources and our team of experts is highly capable of putting together a plan for your loved one that attends to these needs.

Lifelong recovery starts with a proper detox. We only work with detox programs that offer state of the art treatment protocols that keep each client safe, comfortable, and contained during the detox process. Our case managers follow the progress of each client and their detox program. Our Change Plan is flexible and fluid, meeting the needs of the client as they change and evolve through the different stages of treatment, starting with detox.

We start with a qualified interventionist and a comprehensive family service plan to ensure your loved one and the family gets on a path to change for good.

We help families do what you can’t do on your own. With respect, love and hope.