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Recovery Management

Change occurs rarely by accident.

Our personalized recovery management service helps to ensure our client’s continued success in recovery by providing structure and accountability.

Our program is designed to complement and support recovery skills learned during treatment.

Recovery management services ensure your loved one gets from Plan A to Plan B safely, with the nurturing support he or she deserves. Additionally, we work with the family through the entire process through weekly Family ClassTM meetings, and the option of attending a 3- or 5-day Family Matters retreat workshop.

We begin our recovery management with a client at the beginning of their recovery journey, before they even begin a Change Plan. With our knowledge, community networks, and Fair Care Promise providers, we will find a solid and appropriate treatment program for your loved one’s needs. Just like we each have a personality, so too do treatment programs and recovery centers. Personality matters when making a referral in addition to powerful clinical care, and a client-centered approach to helping.

Our recovery managers connect with the family and identified loved one early on so we can work in tandem with the treatment facility to provide a well-rounded care plan; often acting as liaison and advocate while monitoring progress.

Recovery management services of Intervention

Recovery management services support the entire family over time; depending on what your family needs and wants.

After treatment is completed, we update the Change Plan that takes the progress already made and extends it through the life of the contract and beyond. We ensure continuing care and guidance for your loved one. This individualized Change Plan is based on client issues, progress in treatment and continuing care recommendations made by the treatment center. Additionally, we connect with specific local recovery resources to help your loved one integrate into the community as a newly recovering human being.

Our team consists of experienced, qualified, field-trained recovery professionals who have made the Fair Care Promise themselves, and have the knowledge and experience to know a red flag when they see one. We recognize positive healthy change as it occurs in fits and starts even, as well as when course-corrections are appropriate.

We instill the notion of collaboration and relationship in making change stick.

Logistically, we build a routine that includes regular connection and communication, meetings, benchmarks, goals, and consequences for each day according to the Change Plan in addition to the use of a predictive digital device app. When hurdles arise, we work through it.
When success happens we celebrate together by learning how to commemorate accomplishments without indulging; sober celebrations are the key to continuing sobriety.

Where we once toasted with a drink or a slice of cake, today we might be in service at a meeting, take a celebratory jog around the lake, or make a special dinner for the family. We reach out and help others and take our eyes off self to remind ourselves from where we’ve come.

Together we explore the new, recovering, healthy life every family deserves.

The nitty-gritty also includes coordination with a drug and alcohol-testing agency to conduct random screenings when that is appropriate. We are fully committed to providing personalized service, and each client knows that if a crisis situation arises, even in the middle of the night, we are always available to help.