Interventionist: Arthur Westinghouse

Arthur Westinghouse

Intervention Specialist

“I’m passionate about breaking and reversing the rules of family dysfunction being, Don’t Talk, Don’t Trust and Don’t Feel. That’s when the healing begins.”

Arthur Westinghouse is a Chicago, IL & Nashville, TN-based Intervention Specialist, Family Recovery Coach, and Trained Clinician as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Arthur serves on the board of The Association of Intervention Specialists. He also serves on the Conservators Panel for Davidson County TN. He and his team Westinghouse Intervention & Family Coaching specialize in Complex Substance Use Disorder and Dual Diagnosis Family Structured Interventions, long-term Family Recovery Coaching, and Consultation. Arthur has actively worked within the Behavioral Health and Addiction Field for over 14 years. He has guided hundreds of professional Family Structured Interventions nationally since 2012.

Prior to his career as a Clinician, Interventionist, and Family Recovery Coach, Arthur began his own journey of recovery from Addiction and the effects of family dysfunction in 1990. For the next 16 years prior to beginning his current career, he was highly active in community volunteer work. In particular within the Public School System, Correctional Centers, and Mental Institutions. From early on he was also highly committed to offering helpful insight and counsel to parents of young adults that were trying to get off of alcohol and drugs just as he had. Arthur has been instrumental and actively participated in the healing and recovery of many families and Individuals for 16 years prior to his current profession.

In 2007 he found himself at a crossroads and through much-educated counsel and experienced mentorship from fellow Behavioral Health Professionals, he decided to accept employment as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor at Sheridan Correctional Center’s Westcare Program. The rest is history.

“Although it never really helped me in any way. I am a descendant of the famous inventor and innovator George Westinghouse. I’m just committed to a different type of innovation and evolution.”

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