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Treating addiction is a group effort. Personal change within the addict is of utmost importance, but change within the addict’s community of friends and family is crucial as well. After all, psychologists consider addiction to be a family disorder. This is because addiction and relational trauma and dysfunction go together. Substance abuse damages relationships, and existing toxic relationships contribute to the addiction cycle

We all know that alcoholism isn’t the best thing for our health. However, maybe we don’t know specifically, what are the physical symptoms of alcoholism? What about the emotional effects too? Alcoholism takes its toll on the mind and body in many ways. There are both short and long term effects from alcoholism ranging in severity from dry skin to cancer. Here, we’ll get into a little more detail about the emotional and physical symptoms of alcoholism.


When the behavior of a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol leads to conflict, the family’s first instinct may be to “send them away somewhere” to get rid of their addiction. Although a change of scenery may be a step in the right direction, recovery is not so simple that we can send someone off and expect them to return fully healed.