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4 Reasons you should Stop Smoking


A lot of us have been smoking cigarettes for so many years now that it seems impossible to quit. What about you? Have you tried to stop smoking? Or are you currently trying? Most smokers have a few quitting attempts under their belt. This is probably because we all know by now that it’s horrible for our health! However, quitting’s a mighty task, which is why you need clear, meaningful goals to stop smoking.

One of the first steps in quitting is answering this question: Why am I trying to stop smoking?

You want something that goes beyond “my spouse/kids/friends/parents are telling me I have to.” What is your personal motivation for trying to take on such a difficult task? Knowing ahead of time exactly why you’re quitting will help you stay motivated.

We’ve prepared a special list of 4 reasons to quit that goes beyond the worn-out lung cancer spiel. There are millions of different reasons out there, so we’ve chosen our most interesting and relatable. Some of these might strike while others don’t. That’s okay, not everyone suits for the same reason and not everyone has the same priorities. Hopefully something on our list will resonate with you and prompt you to stop smoking today!

4 (New) Reasons why you should Stop Smoking

1. It’s possible (seriously)

There are so many different resources out there to help you finally quit smoking. Perhaps you’ve tried to quit many times in the past with no success, which is discouraging you from trying again now. However, the problem might just be that you’ve never had the support you needed to truly stop smoking; have you tried all of these options?

  • Nicotine Replacement therapy: Some examples of this would include chewing gums, patches, and candies infused with nicotine.
  • Support groups or partnerships
  • Natural and holistic remedies
  • Prescription medication
  • Behavioral therapy

Founder of, Brad Lamm, has published a guide on how to finally acheive your goal to stop smoking:

Stop It: 4 Steps in 4 Weeks to Quit Smoking
By Brad Lamm

Stop smoking brad

Feeling stressed about Your Quit? I get that. But for right now, all you need to do is this: Be willing to be willing to quit. That’s all. If you can, in this moment, be willing to be willing to quit as you turn these pages, you’ll come out the other side of these 4 Steps as the best kind of quitter there is: THE NON-SMOKING YOU.

We’re here to help you stop smoking! Reach out to us for more information about treatment for nicotine addiction.

2. You’ll be a better pet owner

Secondhand smoke doesn’t just affect people, it hurts our pets too. Cats are especially vulnerable, although both dogs and cats suffer second hand smoke side effects. Because cats self-groom by licking their fur, they ingest an “extra dose” of carcinogens from the cigarette smoke and ash accumulating in their fur.

Cancer, chronic bronchitis, coughing, and heart disease can develop in your pets if you smoke around them. Don’t subject your beloved furry babies to any more harmful cigarette smoke, they’ll thank you for it by sticking around a lot longer.

3. Once you’re smoke free, you’ll be more attractive

Smoking cigarettes has a way of messing up our good looks. Grandmas, beauty gurus, the lady at the spa, your mom, makeup artists : anyone who knows anything about beauty will tell you to stop smoking ASAP. Cigarette smoke diminishes your beauty in all of these ways:

  • Smoking makes your teeth turn yellow, even brown.
  • It leads to wrinkles and dryness.
  • Smoking causes diminished wound healing. This means your pimples are more likely to leave a permanent mark, piercings are at risk for more scarring, tattoos heal slower (giving infection more chances to set in), and any other wound you get as a smoker is likely to leave a bigger scar.
  • Cigarettes give you bad breath. I think we can all agree that funky breath is unattractive.
  • It gives you bags under your eyes.
  • Smoking increases your risk for psoriasis.
  • It also can lead to hair loss.
  • Smoking causes a greater portion of our body fat to be stored in the abdomen. Hello tummy!

Though you already look good, imagine how much better you’ll look once you’ve quit!

4. You’ll feel drastically better

When you quit, your breathing will slowly get back to normal and your body will just start to feel healthier and more comfortable in general.

When I quit after smoking for 6 years, my biggest goal was to get rid of my smoker’s cough. I was tired of the chronic bronchitis and sinusitis that I was getting from smoking. A few months after quitting I was breathing better and coughing less.

Besides the dreaded smoker’s cough, cigarettes cause these uncomfortable symptoms as well:

  • Sinus irritation: this leads to excess mucus, snoring, and infections.
  • Diminished athletic ability.
  • Delayed wound healing.
  • Snoring and sleep difficulties.
  • Bad breath.

If you’re struggling to quit smoking, reach out to us at We can help connect you to the treatment that best fits your needs.