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Category:Eating Disorders


Eating disorders have affected millions of us young people in the US. They’ve caused us to miss out on school, careers, relationships, and opportunities of all sorts. Perhaps worst of all, they make us think that we can’t be happy until we obtain the perfect body. Eating disorders can damage our health and even end lives, but fortunately recovery is possible! This is why we need to learn more about ways to manage eating disorders so we can finally move on.


When we hear the word anorexia, most of us will picture a severely underweight young woman in our mind’s eye. However, this is just a stereotype! Men get eating disorders too even though we see more images of female anorexia and hear more PSA’s about eating disorders targeted towards women. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that male anorexia exists too, and that it’s just as serious!


Anorexia Nervosa is the most deadly of all mental illnesses. It is a type of eating disorder that is, unfortunately, becoming increasingly common in the US. We’ve prepared some anorexiaia facts and statistics for you to become more informed about what’s happening in your family.

Bulimia Nervosa is a life-threatening eating disorder that is becoming increasingly common in the US. Here at, we often see familes struggling with bulimia who wish to know more about the disease. We’ve prepared some bulimia facts and statistics for you to become more informed about what’s happening with you and your family.

The standard of beauty in the U.S. is pretty hard to meet these days. Men, women, kids… all of us diet out of fear of getting fat. There is so much pressure to be thin that we’re seeing millions of people, of all kinds, developing eating disorders in the U.S. alone.