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The origins of the term Codependency can be traced back to the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous (Al-Anon from now on). Al-Anon was the first self-help group for addicts founded in 1935. After sharing their personal experiences in group-therapy, Al-Anon members quickly noticed that the wives (during this era, most Al-Anon members were straight men) of Alcoholics typically responded with a pattern of overly-supportive enabling behaviors, and thus, the term Codependent was born.

There’s no doubt about it, addiction is a mental illness just like any other. We already know that conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety have an immense power to control our moods and thoughts. So, why would addiction be any different?


Choosing a rehab, or treatment center, for yourself or a loved one can lead you down a rabbit hole. If you connect online with an unscrupulous phone center, or rehab, the odds of you being “sold” to the highest bidder as a piece of commerce is high. If you are “sold” on the phone and send your loved to a rehab that lacks clinical care or has nobody else similar to your loved one present – will they connect?


It can come as a hard shock to find out out that you, a family member, or a friend has a mental health disorder. However, before jumping to any conclusions or making harsh judgements, take some time to learn more about what mental health disorders really are. You’ll find that mental illness doesn’t ‘t equal “crazy,” or inadequate. It’s quite possible to live a healthy, vibrant, successful life with mental illness.

Bulimia Nervosa is a life-threatening eating disorder that is becoming increasingly common in the US. Here at, we often see familes struggling with bulimia who wish to know more about the disease. We’ve prepared some bulimia facts and statistics for you to become more informed about what’s happening with you and your family.

The standard of beauty in the U.S. is pretty hard to meet these days. Men, women, kids… all of us diet out of fear of getting fat. There is so much pressure to be thin that we’re seeing millions of people, of all kinds, developing eating disorders in the U.S. alone.