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The origins of the term Codependency can be traced back to the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous (Al-Anon from now on). Al-Anon was the first self-help group for addicts founded in 1935. After sharing their personal experiences in group-therapy, Al-Anon members quickly noticed that the wives (during this era, most Al-Anon members were straight men) of Alcoholics typically responded with a pattern of overly-supportive enabling behaviors, and thus, the term Codependent was born.


Okay everybody, it’s time we talk about the binge drinking and teen drug abuse that’s going on at concerts. We’ve been seeing far too many drug-related deaths, injuries, and crimes at concerts. To put things in perspective, at one of Chance the Rapper’s concerts last month:

We all know that alcoholism isn’t the best thing for our health. However, maybe we don’t know specifically, what are the physical symptoms of alcoholism? What about the emotional effects too? Alcoholism takes its toll on the mind and body in many ways. There are both short and long term effects from alcoholism ranging in severity from dry skin to cancer. Here, we’ll get into a little more detail about the emotional and physical symptoms of alcoholism.


Has someone been asking you to quit using drugs? Do you feel like you’re on the fence about it? If so, that’s totally understandable. Quitting drugs on your own or entering drug rehab are daunting, mountainous challenges. It is a big commitment, and will be a lengthy journey. Are you ready to begin, or are you still seeking more answers?