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Alcohol Addiction

We believe that, although alcoholism is a powerful addiction, and recovery is possible.

Our team of intervention professionals help you identify if someone you know is in need of alcohol addiction treatment; together finding the way out of the dark and back to a life free from alcohol abuse and troublesome use.

Alcohol dependence is the inability to control when, where and how much someone drinks. This lack of control is the disease of addiction that can be both physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. Studies show that entering an alcohol addiction treatment program increases the chances of a complete, long-term recovery from alcohol addiction. Accepting an invitation to change is by far the biggest step on the path to recovery.

Alcohol comes with such social acceptance and often high-regard that it can be one of the hardest of all drugs to realize that someone has a problem. Drinking is an entrenched part of our society, which can make it hard to imagine life without it.

How will I ever go to another birthday party again?
What about my daughter’s wedding and the toast?!

Often times, when alcohol use becomes dangerous is when the behavior affects the quality of life of the individual and his or her family, friends, and colleagues. It can have legal and financial complications like drunk driving and related accidents, loss of work, and other impacts. Because alcohol use and abuse affects more than just the addicted loved one, we take your call as seriously as we do for any other condition our clients might be facing.

Each struggle takes courage to face, time to heal, and strength to stay in sobriety. We believe in you. You can change. We will change, together.