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Drug Abuse

Drug abuse affects millions of people.

There is help and there is hope that your loved one can stop the cycle of abuse.

Overcoming drug abuse is more than just letting go of the drug. Our case managers are adept at building Change Plans that work for the whole family’s recovery.

Drug abuse can fall into two common categories: street drugs and prescription drugs. The fact is, neither one discriminates, neither one is better or worse than the other, because each feeds the disease of addiction for over 20 million Americans.

Drug use alters brain and motor functions, diminishes judgment, and leads to health risks, impaired driving, and/or an increased chance of transmission of infectious diseases. Most drugs can harm an unborn baby, causing babies to be born addicted or underdeveloped, among other conditions. It is important to interrupt the cycle of drug abuse and addiction as soon as possible to limit the damage to a loved one’s own life and that of an entire family.

Our case management team will help your family begin to heal while getting your loved one the help and support he or she needs to begin to live free from the cycle of drug abuse. From pot to cocaine, meth to molly, opioids and everything in between, we help your loved one break free of the damaging affects of drug abuse.

Sustained drug abuse affects the brain and the body physiologically. It also breaks down the heart and soul emotionally. Recovery begins with developing self-awareness, building stress or anger management skills, expanding personal and spiritual belief systems, and addressing other factors that play into the need for self-medication. Additionally, relationships need to be restructured, communication skills practiced, and old wounds healed. Our goal is to get your loved one the treatment they need to address all areas of their life, not just the drug abuse.