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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders affect up to 24 million Americans and 70 million individuals worldwide.

Without a doubt the way we eat, affects how we feel, and how we live life.

We often find that the food, the restricting, the exercise addiction cycles, the bingeing – they are all symptoms of a deeper trauma that, when addressed holistically, can be healed.

There’s more to eating disorders than nutrition, calories, meal plans and exercise routines, fad diets and cookies hidden under the bed. We know that is it important to uncover, discover, and rewrite the story of the past into the hope of the future.

Many people don’t consider themselves to have an eating disorder or an addiction. “I’m just fat.” “Yeah, I could lose a few pounds, but can’t everyone?” “I love chocolate, but that’s not an addiction it’s just a weakness.” Eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes, some are mild and some are deep, some are based on self-image and some on covering early trauma. Each person deserves the time and attention necessary to explore and discover the root of the behavior, and the chance to change, for good. Everyone deserves to find their bliss in a healthful way, surrounded by unwavering support.

We work with our eating disorder clients and their families to find the perfect fit of expert trauma-informed care combined with nutritional stabilization, medical and psychiatric services, family and individual therapy, and physical wellbeing.

Let our staff walk through an assessment and put together an individualized Change Plan that will finally make sense and meet your needs.

Together we’ll take the next step.  Are you ready?