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Failure to Launch

Our Failure to Launch client is someone who has had a tough time getting going in life; feeling out of place, not good enough, and stuck in a pattern of failures.

We get it and can help you understand. 

There are many reasons why failure occurs: it happens to some people, and often the cause gets confused with outcomes, and we lose sight of which came first.

Sometimes depression causes the lethargy, which results in the pot smoking on the couch day after day. Sometimes it’s the fear of being judged that leads to isolation and depression. It’s often hard to tell at first glance and requires a bit of exploration and uncovering of Battleground Beliefs, exploration of Family Maps, and challenging your beliefs one at a time until the story is unwound and re-bound into a successful novel of life skills and responsible behavior.

The very notion of failure to launch, is fairly new and can use some clarification. To us, it means a few different things: one feels lonely, or socially stranded, which leads to feeling disconnect from friends, ashamed that you haven’t accomplished more.

You often feel physically stranded, like you’re not progressing in life, often caused by stress, depression, or lethargy which in turn causes you to overeat, under-eat, feel fatigued or overcome by sadness.

You feel like you are financially stranded, imprisoned by poor financial decision making, lack of follow through, or the inability to earn more than you spend that leaves you paralyzed financially and dependent on parents, friends and family.

You appear to others as though you are losing your light, seemingly unhappy and spiritually stranded by low self-esteem, loneliness and self-induced shame that can keep you from experiencing naturally positive feelings or connected to a higher power or spiritual force.

Once we start to work together and uncover the layers of cause and effect, our team helps the family determine the best possible solution, including Family ClassTM or family and friends to learn new skills that parallel your loved one’s journey into their new life of action, vitality, and hope.