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Wellness lets your light shine a little brighter.

Whether you are afflicted or affected by addiction, co-occurring disorders, or another combination, holistic wellness is an important goal in life and in recovery.

Our answer to the question of “How can I get my life back in balance?” is our customized Breakfree Journey: to make change stick, to move through stages and phases in a systematic, thoughtful, fully supported way, and grow.

A Breakfree Journey answers the question: HOW GOOD CAN I GET and what is required of me to get there? Our approach is a holistic one incorporating an integration of mind – body – spirit. We combine fresh air, adventure, and some deep soul-searching and spirit-infused work.

Our Breakfree Journey is an intensive structured concierge service with aspects of deep healing, growth and change. It is 100% customized to YOU and can take place anywhere in the world.

A natural momentum begins when new choices are made, when confidence begins to build and old habits are released to evolve into a new way of living: a healthier, stronger you.

What are your wellness goals?

Let’s explore them together and put together a journey that takes you from here to there, from wounded to well, from dull to vibrant. We want you to live your very best life, starting today.