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Who We Are equips families and friends to act in the moment of crisis and to take the first step towards making lasting change.

Help begins with an invitation to change.

As a company, as providers of hope in the world of help, we remain consistently ethical, true, and client-centered.

Since our beginning, our mission has been to help families do together what they could not do on their own. Our work reflects our belief that recovery and change are the beginning of the solution to the challenge of addiction and other dangerous behaviors.

We work with those facing addiction leading with experience, strength and care. At our core, we believe in More Good – Less Bad for all, both personally and professionally.

Our team, and the teams of professionals we collaborate with, have each taken a stand to uphold the Fair Care Promise in everything we do. From the first sacred call to the high-five on the other side of recovery, we put our clients first by providing resources and support during difficult, chaotic, and often times terrifying circumstances.

We instill a calm hope that allows our clients to settle in to helping their loved one, and themselves. To honor the path of the family, to walk together towards a brighter, healthier tomorrow, this is what drives us.