Christian Drug Rehab is faith-based recovery

Recovering from addiction is more than just a medical process; it is also a spiritual one. For this reason, so many of us struggling with an addictive disorder would like to find a program that can support our relationship with God, as well as treat our addiction.

There are a great variety of spiritual rehab facilities out there offering paths to recovery that are guided and informed by a higher power. Holistic rehab centers, with no specific faith denomination, may satisfy your spiritual needs. However, followers of Christ may be looking for something more.

Faith Based Treatment for Addiction

Christian drug rehab facilities are a great option for those of us looking to restore or strengthen our relationship with Jesus as we break free from the grip of addiction. Even though we’ve been lost on a path leading us away from God, we can still get better and turn back around. You can trust the mentors you’ll encounter in Christian rehabs to help guide you back towards God, and help you restore your Inner Peace.

Studies show that christian drug rehabs are actually just as effective as any other rehab, as long as they include the standard treatment protocols as well. Getting in touch with our faith, whether it’s the Christian faith or any other, is a proven way to bolster our motivation to achieve sobriety, and maintain our recovery in the long run.

How can faith help us get better?

In order to truly get better, we have to tackle both the physical addiction, as well as the demons that brought us here such as, our life choices, our goals, and the things we value. Along the path to recovery, some fears and troubling questions might arise.

What comes after recovery?
Have I done too much wrong?
What will I live for after addiction?

We won’t find our answers to these questions in a doctor’s office or a textbook on addiction. Instead, we have to find the answers ourselves by looking to God with the support of our religious peers.

In an ironic way, recovery itself can be a scary and unsettling notion because it represents the unknown. Don’t get me wrong, recovery is absolutely a good thing; it means freedom from addiction, no longer compulsively seeking out our fix, and truly connecting with the people around us. However, before we’ve seen it for ourselves, recovery is a big, vast, and eternal question mark in our mind’s eye. Since drugs have controlled our will and motivation for so long, we might not know how to take control ourselves.

Christian rehab facilities offer spiritual guidance and support for these challenges, something that goes above and beyond the general requirements of a secular addiction treatment model. Christian rehab facilities offer programming that is informed by the wisdom found in the Testaments and Holy Bible. You can expect opportunities to learn more about your faith, share support with other Christians in recovery, and develop your relationship with God.

Choose a Christian facility to heal from your Addiction

Recovery is a complicated, sometimes painful, and difficult transition that takes place in our hearts and in our bodies as well. Going it alone can make it even harder, which is why we have so much to gain from choosing a rehab that can offer spiritual guidance as well as effective and competent care for addictive disorders.