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Breakfree Intervention skills training

About the Training:

Conducted by noted author, teacher and interventionist Brad Lamm, Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), BreakFree Intervention skills training equips participants to understand the history and methods of various addiction intervention models as compared to Brad Lamm’s proprietary invitation to change method, which pairs a loving family-infused intervention with a long-term family recovery curriculum.

This model is set alongside Kathleen Murphy’s action-method approach to trauma-informed treatment. Through education, case studies and role-play rich training, participants learn how to intervene using this cutting edge approach to initiating Family Recovery.

Features & Benefits:

22 CEs Certificate of Completion provided

Networking opportunities with industry best

Diverse learning environment

Hands-on role playing

Skills coaching

Business design and feedback

Upcoming Trainings

2024 Event Dates:

Los Angeles

May 14, 15, 16
  • The BreakFree training has changed the direction of my practice. An Invitational Intervention is the foundation that I have been looking for, and it aligns beautifully with my core values. The training was a game changer. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

    Kristin M.

    Seattle 2020
  • I enjoyed my time at the training and left feeling excited about applying what I had learned.

    Taylor K

    Seattle 2020
  • Engaging educationally and in a training mode, but also the presenters are fascinating.


    Seattle 2020
  • It is truly amazing that Brad is willing to share his expertise so comprehensively. This is a ground up to full speed training that will allow the student to hit the ground running with their own intervention enterprise. You won’t find a more valuable training from a true leader in the industry anywhere.

    Nick B.

    Los Angeles, May 2019
  • I am thrilled to have been part of Brad Lamm’s intervention training. The valuable tools learned will enable me to be a better interventionist in the field.

    Mark O’C

    New York 2019
  • This training was a life-changing event for me and helped me to develop more passion to connect with and help those that are suffering and their families. Thanks Brad and Kathleen.

    Wendi C.

    Los Angeles May 2019
  • Teaching methods, generosity in personal stories and light hearted energy around the material was achieved with a perfect balance.

    Kristen D.

    Los Angeles May 2019
  • Absolutely incredible training that gave me added skills as well as the confidence to help others in a more positive and supportive way.

    Steve R.

    Los Angeles May 2019
  • Breakfree is a love-based intervention training that will teach you a new way of approaching families and loved ones in times of crisis.

    T. Norwood

    New York 2019
  • Brad Lamm is a consummate professional. His Breakfree Intervention skills training course was outstanding!

    Joe K.

    Los Angeles May 2019
  • Brad and Kathleen are amazing and do such an amazing job at explaining and simplifying this process to make it easily digestible.


    New York 2019
  • I am 100% better prepared to help families in crisis.

    David M.

    New York 2019
  • I am a much better prepared interventionist after taking this course.

    Shayne A.

    New York 2019


    Brad Lamm, CIP


    Kathleen Murphy


    Who is this Training for?

    The BreakFree Intervention skills training is designed to meet multiple skill levels while advancing each participant’s knowledge base. From beginner to expert, everyone learns from being in the same room together for three days, exploring best practices and new ideas. The classroom is comprised of a wide range of professional backgrounds, including those interested in making a career change, new interventionists, professionally certified interventionists, and more recently clinicians, social workers, marketing and outreach professionals and a variety of others working in the addiction, recovery and treatment fields.


    For who is looking to get their feet wet as an interventionist learn valuable information from which to build their foundation knowledge and benefit from the experience level of the room, while learning how to practically apply information to the business of interventions.

    Advanced Professionals

    They benefit by participating in conversations about best practices while new ideas are shared and explored, and learning the BreakFree Intervention method. By applying existing knowledge and experience to the new approach to intervening, practical application methods are explored and practiced.


    Alumni who attend the training benefit from revisiting the training topics as well as being leaders in conversations, sharing practical application of theories, and influencing role-plays and best practice conversations.

    Classroom Series Schedule (22 CEs)

    Experience – Learn – Network

    Days One + Two

    • 8:30 – 9am: Sign in + settle in
    • 9:00 – 5:00: Classroom series training
    • 5:00 – 5:30: Spill over, wrap up, clean up

    Day Three:

    • 8:30 – 9am: Sign in + settle in
    • 9:00-11:15: Classroom series training
    • 1:15-1:30: Surveys, CEs, wrap up etc.
    Types of Intervention

    Identify the four types of intervention covered in the history of interventions including basic techniques used in each method.

    Ethical Duties and Boundaries

    Identify personal and professional ethical duties and boundaries, utilizing an ethical system of business guidelines and personal conduct.

    Identify the Obstacles

    Identify the obstacles that can stand in the way of a successful Breakfree intervention and the skills necessary to overcome them successfully.

    The Family Map

    Describe the steps necessary to create a Family Map and explain the important role it plays in the BreakFree Intervention method of intervening.

    Recognize the Methods

    Recognize methods of applying BreakFree Intervention components to enhance current business practices.

    Tuition Fees:


    Includes Video Modules



    One-Time Fee



    One-time fee


    Video Learning Series (6 CEs, Home Study)

    Three 2-hour video learning series videos are made available to registrants prior to and directly following attending the training at no additional cost. Participants have up to two weeks after the training to watch the videos and complete the homework before being given a certificate of completion and CEs.

    Are You Ready for this Groundbreaking Training?

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