Interventionists by State


  • Brad Lamm, CIP
  • Joe Klema, CIP
  • Heather Fisher, CADC-I, CIP
  • Joseph Regan, CIP


  • Joseph Regan, CIP
  • Jordan DeHaan, CIP


  • Stephen Timmer, MA, CIP


  • Anisha Cooper, LPC


  • Anthony Campobaso, LFMT, CIP
  • Arthur Westinghouse, CIP


  • Brad Lamm, CIP


  • Stephanie Christy, PhD, CIP


  • Toni Whitworth, CIP
  • Rebecca Mowen, CIP
  • Pat Brashears, CIP

New York

  • Brad Lamm, CIP
  • Jacob Hardt, CRPA
  • Thomas Hollingsworth, CARC
  • Karen Reass, CCI


  • Joseph Regan, CIP


  • Arthur Westinghouse, CIP


  • Mark Rose, LMFT, CIP

Calgary, Canada

  • Ian Rabb, MD, CIP

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