Our alcohol addiction interventions help people struggling with alcohol get the help they need to enter long-term recovery.

Alcoholism, while a powerful addiction, can be overcome with the love and support of family paired with our team of professionals.

Our team helps you identify options for your loved one, including if they are in need of an alcohol addiction intervention. We help families find the way back to a life free from the chaos of alcohol addiction.

Alcohol comes with social acceptance and often high-regard that it can be one of the hardest of all drugs to realize when there’s a problem. With increased tolerance over time and extended use, with cover-up skills that hide the problem, friends and family members are unaware of the severity of their loved one’s drinking problem.

Often, until the bottom drops out and everything begins to unravel, it is tough to act. Then it feels like it’s too late and hope is lost.

A professional alcohol intervention can be a powerful way for a family member, colleague or friend ignoring or denying their current lifestyle choices to change.

We combine our proprietary intervention method, called the Breakfree Intervention, with our unsurpassed reputation in the field of crisis intervention as being ethical, effective, and professional. Our Fair Care Promise providers come complete with a certified interventionist and a comprehensive family service plan to ensure that your loved one and your family gets on a path to change your lives. For good.

We help families do what you can’t do on your own. With respect, love and hope.