provides the most effective intervention and referral services in the country.


Over the last decade, our Intervention Specialists have helped thousands of families put the pieces back together; we can help your family too.

It is challenging to help a loved one struggling with alcoholism, prescription drug problems, an eating disorder or other destructive behavior. Addiction doesn’t discriminate and it has an impact on all people – no one is immune. Those struggling with addictive behaviors are often in denial about their situation, and usually unwilling to seek treatment and much less any kind of intervention. Most times they can’t even think straight to answer WHAT DO YOU NEED?

They don’t see the negative effects behavior has on their own lives, much less the lives of those around them including children, siblings, spouses, partners and parents.

A professional intervention is a powerful way for a family, colleagues or friend ignoring or denying their current lifestyle choices to change. At one time there was a belief that people couldn’t be helped unless they hit bottom. We’ve changed that belief one intervention at a time. Our primary goal is to interrupt the need for your loved one to sink further; we work to create a “bottom” where they need sink no lower. Why wait for a bottom? We don’t. We intervene, and help. Isn’t that a better way? We know it to be so.

We combine our proprietary Breakfree Intervention method, with an excellent reputation in the field. Our services come complete with a qualified professional interventionist and a comprehensive team approach to help the whole family. We ensure your loved one and the family find a path to change for good.

We do together what we cannot, on our own. With respect, love and hope, we do.