How Alcohol Robs Us of Our Most Valuable Commodity: Time

How Alcohol Robs Us of Our Most Valuable Commodity: Time

As a human being with the unusual job that involves managing substance use interventions with folks, I have seen the devastating impact of alcohol and drugs on people, places, and things – yes all of them. And while fentanyl has received a lot of attention in recent years for its deadly effects, there is another […]

The Top 10 Most Addictive things on the Planet! [List]

People can become addicted to pretty much anything, depending on their unique conditions and personality. Food, shopping, drugs… There are so many different addictive things out there in the world, and some are clearly worse than others. Have you ever wondered how they compare? We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most addictive things […]

The 8 Worst Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Deciding to quit drinking alchohol is a tough decision to make. Implementing it is even harder. If we’ve been drinking a lot for a while now, our brains become chemically dependent on alchohol just to function normally. So, when we quit cold turkey… bam! Alcohol withdrawal symptoms jump out to get us. At we […]