How to Hire an Interventionist?

Interventionist having a meeting with support circle in a living room

Discovering that a loved one is entangled in the shackles of substance abuse can be a heart-wrenching reality to face. It’s an uphill battle, fraught with emotional turmoil, uncertainty, and the dire need for professional guidance. As someone invested in the welfare of a cherished one, taking the first step towards pulling them back from […]

Defusing the Tasty Timebomb & Loving the Lungs You’re With

If there’s one thing that sticks to your brain from reading my words at this moment, love the lungs you’re with. A moment after my first deep breath this morning, I thought back to my friend Simi. Simi lived in in Room 22W, at Valley West Retirement Center in Eugene, Oregon. The old folks home […]

Your Suffering Teen: The 7 Most Important Truths

Most parents know the teenage years can be a challenging time for both parents and their adolescent children. Adolescence is a time of significant growth and development, both physically and emotionally. As a parent, it’s essential to understand your teenager and their changing needs during this period. Here are some critical things that every parent […]