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Intervention Help

We help families + friends act in the moment of crisis to take the first step towards lasting change. Help begins with an invitation. We work with the best professionals in the business to get your loved one the right help. 

Family Class™

We developed Family Class nearly a decade ago, delivered to families on an accessible secure online platform. We invite family and friends to learn, grow and do; making their own Change Plan come to life.


Treatment Success

The Internet is flooded with treatment options of all kinds. The more you surf the web and read, the more confusing it seems. Treatment varieties and promises can be overwhelming. We can help you find the right treatment for your loved one.

Insurance Benefits

We work with your insurance company to gather coverage information and let you know exactly what your options are and how your coverage will work for treatment. Chances are, your insurance will pay for a significant portion of clinical services.

What We Help

Alcohol Addiction
Drug Abuse
Eating Disorders
Failure to Launch
Mental Health

Accreditations of Joint Commission

Joint Commission is the nation’s first Family Class & Intervention group accredited by the Joint Commission with The Gold Seal of Approval®.

Accreditations of Fair Care Promise

Fair Care Promise

Every help channel here adheres to an ethical pledge and standards of care including: never brokering a client, selling a patient or abusing a crisis moment.

Every Call is Sacred

Each opportunity to help, is a moment for a miracle to happen. Addiction does not discriminate – we are all affected. Come out of the shadows. Contact us and be heard.

Client Testimonials

I could tell my daughter was in real serious trouble when her grades dropped from A to D. I will never forget the way she struggled to answer the simple question that was asked of her during the Intervention, “what’s really bothering you?” She has become more articulate since going into treatment and now we actually talk about the things that are bothering her instead of ignoring them or trying to cover them up. I didn’t really understand why the Intervention was necessary until much later. Thank you for the help — I needed it!
-Arnold P.

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“NO is a conversation starter in the powerful work we do.”

Brad Lamm, Founder
Brad Lamm, Intervention´s founder

News You Can Use 

The 20 Must Ask Questions

Choosing a rehab, or treatment center, for yourself or a loved one can lead you down a rabbit hole. If you connect online with an unscrupulous phone center, or rehab, the odds of you being “sold” to the highest bidder as a piece of commerce is high. If you are “sold” on the phone and send your loved to a rehab that lacks clinical care or has nobody else similar to your loved one present – will they connect?

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5 Things that might surprise you about Male Anorexia

When we hear the word anorexia, most of us will picture a severely underweight young woman in our mind’s eye. However, this is just a stereotype! Men get eating disorders too even though we see more images of female anorexia and hear more PSA’s about eating disorders targeted towards women. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that male anorexia exists too, and that it’s just as serious!

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4 signs of Heroin Addiction

Heroin is one of the most serious and dangerous illegal drugs out there. When someone develops a heroin addiction, they become nearly 20 times more likely to die. Getting involved with heroin leads to one of the fastest progressions from trial to abuse to addiction and then finally death. Besides damaging your health, heroin has a way to also strain and disrupt lives and relationships. This is why early, intensive treatment is the best way to manage a heroin problem.

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