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Find An Interventionist & Help Your Loved One Get Better

Find An Interventionist & Help Your Loved One Get Better

Meet Brad Lamm,

The Nation’s Leading Interventionist

Meet Brad Lamm,

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We Can Help You With Drug & Alcohol Intervention


The most effective intervention and referral services in the country. Over the last decade, our Intervention Specialists have helped thousands of families put the pieces back together; we can help your family too.

Drug Intervention

Over the last decade, our Intervention Specialists have helped thousands of families put the pieces back together; we can help your family too.

Alcohol Intervention

Alcoholism, while a powerful addiction, can be overcome with the love and support of family paired with our team of professionals.

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What is an intervention? is that nation’s leading family resource center founded by Vaughn Howland 1996. Vaughn, a respected interventionist, passed away after a career of laughter and love, entrusted this resource to Brad where it continues today.

Since 1997, has been helping families recover the precious parts of life in loving, directed ways with the nation’s most celebrated Certified Intervention Professional Brad Lamm, CIP at the helm.

  • We believe every family deserves a fair shake at receiving care that is ethical, legal and has real help as the focus.
  • At you will find useful resources for families facing addiction, period.
  • We won’t ever sell our calls, or engage in unethical practices in violation of Fair Care Promise standards.

Our mission is to help families work together to accomplish more than they would have on their own. At our core, we believe in More Good – Less Bad for all, both personally and professionally.

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Are you looking to hire an interventionist? We work with interventionists in many locations of the country. Give us a call and let us help.

The questions about interventions

Frequently Asked Questions

Bad Habit or Addiction: What’s the difference?

Everyone has bad habits, vices, or ‘addictions’ that are fairly harmless. However, for some people, moderation isn’t so easy. When a behavior begins to take over, to carry more weight in the list of priorities than food, shelter, work, and family, that is when it’s time to take a look at what is really going on.

Our staff is trained to make an initial assessment to see what’s happening and how we might line up help for your loved one, at the level of intensity necessary. Maybe it’s going to AA meetings with a sponsor. Maybe it’s a week at an intensive retreat. Or, maybe it is 90-days in a treatment facility. We decide together.

Right now, an intervention seems like a bit much. Is there anything else we can do?

There are a lot of steps in between an invitation to change and getting your loved one into a treatment program to help with their situation. We start with a family meeting and invite your loved one to attend. From that starting point, there are many options, including change agreements that redirect behavior, which we agree on together.

What if the intervention makes our loved one feel offended or attacked?

Our interventions are gentle, kind, and lead with the love a family has for itself. We don’t define a family; we allow you to choose the voices that matter in the life of your loved one to join a family meeting. Your loved one will never feel ganged up on, ambushed, bullied, or like they don’t have a choice and a voice in the conversation.

We insist that everyone be treated with respect and dignity. Our process is collaborative and involves the whole family, without blame, shame or guilt. Together we invite your loved one to participate in his or her own recovery process.

Ok so it seems like we need treatment, but what about the costs?

It’s not always about what the services cost, sometimes it is more important to look at what the addiction is costing you and your family. Lost time at work, calls at 3am from the local police department, exhausting all your family’s resources to ‘hide’ the addiction from others, walking on eggshells, feeling afraid to speak up, missing money from your wallet every day, and missing heirlooms that have been pawned for drug or booze money. If any of this sounds familiar, you’ve paid too much already.

Browse alcohol rehabs
Browse drug rehabs

We don’t want to break your piggy bank; we want to help get your family back on track, thriving in a life of joy and connectedness, health, wellness, and safety.

Do I Need An Intervention?

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