Uncharted Space: Elon Musk’s Intervention

This Elon Musk mega-mess is now, finally, too shrill to ignore. With Larry Ellison’s recent intervention of his friend and protégé cut short when Musk reportedly left before help would hold, Ellison is now in a muddle. A muddle millions relate to. If I could, I would encourage Ellison not to give up, not give […]

Natural Ways to Cope with Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

So you’ve quit smoking, and now those nicotine withdrawal symptoms are turning their ugly heads. For some people, nicotine replacement therapy is a suitable option. This would include e-cigarettes, dermal patches, nicotine gums, or any other form of tobocco-less nicotine supplement. The benefit of transitioning to these products is that you can taper down the […]