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Does My Employee Need a Drug Intervention?

Employees are the backbone that keeps businesses thriving, led by employers who care about their needs, goals, and health. This responsibility takes on a whole new meaning when you, as the employer, suspect that one of your employees is using drugs. And you are not alone in this difficult situation. Around 68.9% of all drug users are active employees in the workplace, with 10-20% of workers in America dying on the job because of their use of drugs or alcohol. Spotting the warning signs of drug use in your employee is most important so you can determine if a drug intervention is the right choice to not only save your employee’s life but also prevent them from losing their job. 

Signs that My Employee Needs an Intervention

It could be hard to notice when the behavior of an employee seems off, depending on how much you interact with them on a daily basis. Yet there are clear signs something is not right if they are exhibiting these behaviors while on the job: 

  • Job performance begins to suffer.
  • Regularly calling out sick or being late to work.
  • Struggles with staying on task or being productive.
  • Can be irritable or argumentative.
  • May take risks at work that could be dangerous or hurt the company financially.

Before considering the potential of firing your employee over their drug use, the option of a drug intervention might be possible to show your employee you care about them and their contribution to the business.

What a Drug Intervention Can Do for Your Employee

A drug intervention is usually a structured meeting of family and friends, even employers, to confront and encourage a person addicted to drugs to get help. Drug interventions can also include a professional interventionist or a licensed counselor to help in facilitating the intervention.

Being part of drug intervention for your employee could be beneficial in them realizing how much you care about their well-being and seeing the positive impact they have made in your company. There are also different models of intervention that will help an addicted person feel dignified and loved while providing solutions to get the help they need.

Take Our Quiz and Find Out if Your Employee Needs a Drug Intervention

If you are unsure about whether a drug intervention might help your employee’s drug addiction, take our quiz to see if it is the right step to take, and contact us today for more information and support.

Take The Alcohol Abuse Self-Assessment and Quiz

Drinking is a socially acceptable recreational activity, which can sometimes make it hard to tell if it starts to become a problem. Alcohol use disorder exists on a spectrum, and it can sometimes lead you to lose sight of your priorities, relationships, and goals. It can also lead to negative physical, emotional, and psychological consequences.

There are many factors that determine whether someone has developed an issue with alcohol. It can be helpful to look at your relationship with drinking to assess the role it is playing in your life. Regardless of whether someone has a mild, moderate or severe alcohol use disorder, the ability to change, seek treatment, and recover is possible.

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Over the last decade, our Intervention Specialists have helped thousands of families put the pieces back together; we can help your family too.

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