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Does My Sibling Need a Drug Intervention?

Facing the realization that a loved one is gripped with a drug addiction can be so heartbreaking, but what if you had to face the possibility of drug intervention for your sibling? 

The one you shared toys with, parents with, and home with now may need your help to come to grips with their need for medical help. But just as it would be hard to help a friend or colleague battling the effects of drug abuse, it is even harder to encourage treatment for a loved one you know so well. 

Before you consider a drug intervention for your sibling, read some common signs to first take note of and learn how a drug intervention might be a helpful step to extend your love and support to your addicted sibling.

Signs that My Sibling Needs an Intervention

As are deemed noticeable signs for anyone dealing with drug addiction, here are some telltale indicators that your brother or sister might have a drug addiction.

  • Change in personality and/or attitude; appearing moody or irritable.
  • Loss of appetite or lack of sleep.
  • Change in friendships or social connections; might be more isolated or secretive.
  • If in school, failing grades or poor overall school performance.
  • Watery, red, and/or bloodshot eyes
  • Physically ill, possibly with nausea, shakiness, and/or sweating.

For a sibling, what is difficult is coming to terms with the fact that your sibling has a drug addiction that they can’t or won’t stop. If you have noticed these signs in your sibling and feel the time has come for professional intervention, know you aren’t alone in helping your struggling loved one. 

How Can a Drug Intervention Help My Sibling?

A drug intervention, usually led by a professional interventionist or counselor, is a formal gathering of an addicted person’s loved ones in hopes they will stop denying their addiction and get the proper help.

The intervention can help a sibling most because it is more impactful when loved ones share their sadness and hope for the person to change than a medical professional the person doesn’t know. An intervention could also lead to help for the family in coping with the person’s addiction, learning if they contributed in some way to the addiction, and better ways to communicate and work together as a family.

Take Our Quiz and Find Out if Your Sibling Needs a Drug Intervention

A drug intervention could be the next step, or the last chance, for your sibling to get the medical help they need to reach sobriety. Take our quiz to see if a drug intervention will help your sibling and please contact us today if you would like more information.

Take The Alcohol Abuse Self-Assessment and Quiz

Drinking is a socially acceptable recreational activity, which can sometimes make it hard to tell if it starts to become a problem. Alcohol use disorder exists on a spectrum, and it can sometimes lead you to lose sight of your priorities, relationships, and goals. It can also lead to negative physical, emotional, and psychological consequences.

There are many factors that determine whether someone has developed an issue with alcohol. It can be helpful to look at your relationship with drinking to assess the role it is playing in your life. Regardless of whether someone has a mild, moderate or severe alcohol use disorder, the ability to change, seek treatment, and recover is possible.

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Over the last decade, our Intervention Specialists have helped thousands of families put the pieces back together; we can help your family too.

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