The Empire State. Home of The Big Apple and the City that Never Sleeps. New York is a one-of-a-kind state that offers everything to tourists and residents alike, from the glitzy terrain of New York City to the picturesque farming communities and suburbs of New York.

Unfortunately, various addictions have also found a home in New York and have caused several to lose their lives, especially with the more widespread exposure to opioids in the last few years.

New York has more than quadrupled the number of deaths from drug overdoses from 2000 to 2019 and in 2020 alone, as there were 565 more drug overdose deaths than in 2019, with 2,062 deaths compared to 1,497. As for the harmful effects of alcohol, 140,557 Americans nationwide die from alcohol abuse each year and over half of Americans have increased their alcohol consumption since the COVID lockdowns, in which New York experienced lengthy lockdowns.

Making the choice to intervene in the addiction habits of your loved one is not easy to do but know that our professional interventionists are there every step of the way to ensure you and your loved one are treated with respect, love, and hope. 

How does an Intervention in New York Work?

No one looks forward to the realization that their loved one is suffering from an addiction, whether it is drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, gambling, or others. However, taking the proactive approach to enlighten your loved one of the harm their addiction is causing themselves and their family/friends may be the best way to move toward recovery.

An intervention is a staged meeting of loved ones, under the direction of a professional interventionist, to confront peacefully, but firmly the addiction of their loved ones, and how help is necessary. It could be confronting the person personally with everyone sharing their love and desire for the person to get help or it could even be through a workshop where everyone, including the addicted person, can express how the addiction makes them feel. 

Our proprietary invitation-to-change method, the Breakfree Intervention method, has proven very successful in allowing family and friends to take part in the intervention, a combination of a family-infused invention and a long-term family recovery curriculum.

Meet Your Experienced Interventionists in New York

Though the title says experienced interventionists, our interventionists in New York are there as guiding forces to help your loved one feel loved, respected, and appreciated as they come to terms with their addiction. Knowing how difficult this journey can be with your loved one, to reach the point of needing an intervention, our interventionists provide moral support and encouragement to help you share your feelings and hopes for your loved one to change.

Our founder Brad Lamm leads by example in training quality and experienced interventionists, having successfully overcome several addictions in 2003 and managed over a thousand interventions in his career. The mission is to have loved ones involved in helping their addicted person get the help they need, and our professional interventionists in New York stay centered on that mission daily.

Adam is dedicated to helping others achieve long-term sobriety. His work as an interventionist has guided executives, pilots, and physicians on paths to recovery. Adam brings families together through a loving and inclusive approach.
Brad brings his knowledge and passion to Experience Recovery as an author, teacher, interventionist and expert on the impact of complex trauma on life.
Karen Reass is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Her passion is educating and inspiring all those impacted by addiction as she believes in the power of families and communities healing together.
Jacob Hardt is an Interventionist and Recovery Coach dedicated to supporting those suffering from addiction and substance abuse. As an Interventionist, he has worked for community programs, recovery centers, and private clients.
Thomas is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach passionate about collaborating with those seeking a better, more stable life. Thomas’s work demonstrates how recovery is a team sport. He works with determination and grace helping clients remain open to and engaged in the possibilities of transformation.

Intervention for an Alcoholic in New York

An intervention for someone who is addicted to alcohol could be challenging at times, as they might state they are in control of their alcohol and are not the inebriated people you might find at bars and restaurants everywhere, including in New York. The social graces also given to drinking alcohol could add to the difficulties of showing your addicted loved one the time to stop what they are doing now.

For alcohol intervention, our professional interventionist will help the family and friends of an addicted person realize the lack of control they have over their addiction and that sobriety is needed before things get worse. If not for causing themselves danger, and potentially others if they drive while intoxicated, it is also the emotional harm experienced by loved ones seeing the addicted person struggling to function with their addiction.

The hope is that bringing these truths to an addicted person will make them aware their way isn’t effective anymore, and that the time has come to enter rehab and get the care they need.

Intervention for a Drug Addict in New York

Those dealing with the struggles of drug addiction can find it hard to avoid triggers while in New York, whether in the Big Apple, comfortable suburbs, or spacious farming communities. Drug addiction can affect any age, race, ethnicity, and more, affecting over 21 million people.

An appropriate intervention for someone suffering from drug addiction is to get to the heart of the person’s denial that their drug addiction is out of hand, or even exists. With the knowledge and expertise of our professional interventionist, thoughts and beliefs can be united with statistics and facts to show your loved one what they thought they had under control really has them in bondage.

Get Help for Your Loved One with Addiction Intervention in New York

Determining that an intervention is right for your loved one is a brave choice to make, and we want to let you know that you aren’t alone in making this important decision. Contact us today to speak with one of our addiction specialists to learn the types of interventions available in New York and what we can do to help save your loved one!

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The most effective intervention and referral services in the country. Over the last decade, our Intervention Specialists have helped thousands of families put the pieces back together; we can help your family too.

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Over the last decade, our Intervention Specialists have helped thousands of families put the pieces back together; we can help your family too.

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