Many would see that the great state of Illinois has plenty to offer everyone: the bustling city life of Chicago; the scenic landscape perfect for hunting, fishing, or enjoying the outdoors; the welcoming arms of the community so you can spend time with those you love. But the state of Illinois also recognizes that there are people struggling with the effects of addiction and may be in need of an intervention.

An intervention is an organized meeting of a professional interventionist and the family and friends of an addicted person to respectfully and lovingly confront the person battling addiction and direct them toward help. The hope is that as the person sees their addiction not only affects themselves personally but others as well, the desire to abandon their addiction and seek recovery will be realized.

Whether it is a drug or alcohol invention in Illinois or an invention for eating disorders or mental health concerns, is here to help in any way, providing resources and support with respect, hope, and love. 

Illinois Drug and Alcohol Addiction Stats

Drug and alcohol addiction has been on the rise significantly all over the United States, but Illinois, especially in Chicago, the home state of Abraham Lincoln has become a transportation hub for the moving of illegal drugs into the Midwest.

Crack and cocaine remain the major drug of choice in Illinois, especially in Chicago and other urban cities/areas, with heroin a close second. Gangs in several Illinois cities contribute to this spread but more heroin users in the suburbs have added to the increase as well. Marijuana has also begun to surface more in Illinois, especially as several cannabis growers have started farms in the state.

Alcohol abuse is also on the rise in Illinois, with 5,151 deaths annually in the state coming from excessive alcohol abuse. Around 20.5% of Illinois adults, aged eighteen and over, admit to binge drinking alcohol at least once a month, while the five-year annual rate of deaths from excessive alcohol abuse has risen to about 52.0% from 2015 to 2019.

Even though Illinois is a welcoming place to live and visit, the increase in drug and alcohol abuse has shown intervention in Illinois is needed to save the lives of many. 

Intervention in Illinois: How it Works

If you suspect that your loved one has become entangled in an addiction of some kind, is here to provide you with the help and resources you require. We don’t believe that a person has to hit rock bottom before they will seek help, so we want to be on your side in making sure your loved one enters rehab before it’s too late.

When you contact us by phone or online, you will be connected to one of our licensed intervention specialists who can walk you through what to expect, what might be the best intervention approach to take, and how the interventionist can help make this an experience in breakthrough. 

We utilize the Breakfree Intervention approach developed by our founder, Brad Lamm, which focuses on combining a “loving family-infused intervention with a long-term family recovery curriculum.” We know that recovery will take time so we want to assist in directing you and your loved one to where help can be obtained after the choice to seek sobriety has been made.

Some interventions we offer include a team-effort approach where family and friends of the addicted person confront them about their habit, with the guidance of an interventionist, and direct them toward getting help. Another option is a workshop method that allows everyone, including the addicted person, to discuss the harmful consequences of the addiction.

Each of our intervention methods comes with several success stories that we will love to share with you, inspiring you to see that their success can be your success also in helping your addicted loved one.

Meet Our Experienced Interventionists in Illinois

No matter what approach you decide to follow in staging an intervention, comes with the best drug and alcohol interventionists in Illinois. 

Professional trained and mentored by founder Brad Lamm, who also successfully overcame several personal addictions in 2003, our interventionists come with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a general sense of love and care for those going through a difficult time.

Our interventionists exclusively follow the ethics standard for the Fair Care Promise to ensure that every family we help has been treated fairly, ethically, and within legal means. We treat you as though the addicted person was our family member in need of intervention in Illinois, wanting to get the best help possible to make sure their life is saved.

Brad brings his knowledge and passion to Experience Recovery as an author, teacher, interventionist and expert on the impact of complex trauma on life.
Joe Regan of The Recovery Guides is a licensed private investigator and certified intervention professional. As principal investigator and interventionist at TRG Joe specializes in missing persons, adult substance use disorder interventions, and investigating claims of behavioral healthcare fraud and abuse.
Bio coming soon.
Heather is internationally triple board certified in three clinical specialties: intervention, family dynamics, and relapse prevention. Heather conducts screenings, assessments, interventions, and corrective coaching and serves as an expert witness in addiction and co-occurring mental health.
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Get Help for Your Loved One With an Intervention in Illinois

When faced with the reality that your loved one is struggling with an uncontrollable addiction, it can be hard to think clear-headed about what the next step would be. And that is where can come in to help guide you safely and effectively into the best intervention approach that also respects your loved one’s dignity. 

Contact us today to speak with one of our licensed intervention specialists to know what programs we offer and how we can help you through this challenging circumstance. 

Remember that you aren’t alone in this fight, as we have top drug and alcohol interventions in Illinois to reach your loved one where they are while there is still a chance for recovery.

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Over the last decade, our Intervention Specialists have helped thousands of families put the pieces back together; we can help your family too.

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