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Addiction Intervention in Michigan

If you are worried about a loved one and their drug and/or alcohol abuse, an intervention in Michigan might be the next step to take.

Being the tenth most populous state in the nation and derived from the Native American word Michigama, meaning “great or large lake,” it is clear that Michigan is the state for many to enjoy the serenity of the Great Lakes. It is also the place where 4,548 deaths annually are attributed to alcohol abuse and 2,694 deaths have occurred as a result of drug overdoses. Intervention is needed!

Those deaths are loved ones who were in the same struggle your loved one might be dealing with, needing help against the dangers of substance abuse. An intervention might be what is required to let your loved one know that there is hope for help and they aren’t alone in this journey to sobriety. 

Whether the intervention is needed for drug and alcohol abuse, or for even intervening in eating disorders and mental health concerns, is ready with resources, professional interventionists, and successful intervention methods to make sure your loved one has the respect, love, and hope they so richly deserve. 

How does Addiction Intervention in Michigan work?

Addiction can be challenging to overcome for some, as it is sometimes connected to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. The feel-good results that can come from addiction, particularly with drugs and alcohol, can be used as coping mechanisms to combat inner issues that a person may not be able to work through on their own.

However, an addiction of any kind will not solve whatever issue a person is dealing with and only leads to more trouble in trying to stop the addiction, thus the need for an intervention. An intervention is a set meeting with a professional interventionist, an addicted person, and the family and friends of the addicted person to intervene peacefully and firmly with the addicted person about their addiction. can provide several options for addiction intervention in Michigan. You will have the opportunity to learn these options from our intervention specialists, as they walk you through the methods we utilize to see what might be the best intervention approach to take.

Our mindset is to decide on an intervention approach together that will dignify your loved one and you as you take the steps to encourage rehab and lifelong recovery. Some interventions encourage a peaceful confrontation (with the guidance of a professional interventionist) with your loved one over their addiction and the harm it is doing, while another approach we have incorporates a workshop to allow everyone, including the addicted person, to discuss the addiction openly and together.

Meet Our Intervention Specialists in Michigan

We only have the most qualified and caring interventionists on staff to help Michigan families find peace, answers, and encouragement that the time is now to act. Our founder, Brad Lamm, has also personally overcome several addictions in his recovery journey in 2003 and uses what he learned through experience to help families dealing with addiction at its worst.

We believe that a person doesn’t have to have hit rock bottom in order to get the help they need to overcome their addiction. Our belief is that we can come together with families and friends when it is noticeable a person is under the influence of addiction and can’t or won’t take the steps to get sober. 

We are trained in the Breakfree Intervention method that encourages a loving family-infused intervention with a long-term recovery program that allows family and friends to be a part of their loved one’s journey. We also hold true to the Fair Care Promise in treating all families and addicted people with fair, legal, and ethical care, with the goal of recovery in mind.

Brad Lamm

Brad brings his knowledge and passion to Experience Recovery as an author, teacher, interventionist and expert on the impact of complex trauma on life.

Joseph Regan

Joe Regan of The Recovery Guides is a licensed private investigator and certified intervention professional. As principal investigator and interventionist at TRG Joe specializes in missing persons, adult substance use disorder interventions, and investigating claims of behavioral healthcare fraud and abuse.

Heather Fisher

Heather is internationally triple board certified in three clinical specialties: intervention, family dynamics, and relapse prevention. Heather conducts screenings, assessments, interventions, and corrective coaching and serves as an expert witness in addiction and co-occurring mental health.

Joe Klema

Bio coming soon.

Stephanie Christy

Twelve years ago, Stephanie Christy began her journey as an advocate for addiction and recovery. While she experienced first-hand the devastating effects of addiction on a family system, it fueled her passion for guiding families through this arduous process to find stability, hope, and healing.

Drug and Alcohol Intervention in Michigan: When to Get Help

Knowing when an intervention is necessary can be just as challenging as knowing what to do to intervene in a loved one’s addiction. Our intervention specialists can help in advising you on what might be best if an intervention is necessary but here is what you can take note of regarding a loved one’s possible addiction:

  • If they have significantly changed in behavior, such as with their personal hygiene or isolating themselves from others, these are noted signs of addiction.

  • If their emotions have become uncontrollable, they are dealing with mental fog, or are in more need of their substance of choice (to the point of becoming broke), these are also telltale signs of addiction struggles.

If your loved one is in denial that they have a problem or is unsure if anyone can help them, an intervention might help bring peace of mind and encouragement for your loved one and you.

Get Help for Your Loved One with Intervention in Michigan

Addiction intervention in Michigan might seem like the last resort for some people to help their loved ones wake up to the fact they are addicted and need help. However, we want to be the first choice so there is a greater chance of success for all involved in seeing a loved one overcome addiction and live addiction-free. 

If you believe your loved one is grappling with addiction and doesn’t know how to stop, contact us today to speak with one of our intervention specialists who will be happy to help with any questions you might have. 

Just as Michigan is a state focused on community and the love of family, we hope to provide the same to your family in this most difficult time.

Need an intervention?

Is a loved one struggling with addiction? We can help. Let us connect you with an interventionist so they can get the help they need.

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Need an intervention?

Is a loved one struggling with addiction? We can help. Let us connect you with an interventionist so they can get the help they need.

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Over the last decade, our Intervention Specialists have helped thousands of families put the pieces back together; we can help your family too.

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