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Interventionist: Thomas W. Hollingsworth

Thomas W. Hollingsworth


Thomas is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach passionate about collaborating with those seeking a better, more stable life. Thomas’s work demonstrates how recovery is a team sport. He works with determination and grace helping clients remain open to and engaged in the possibilities of transformation.

A mentor who enjoys the challenge of task-based coaching, Thomas has engaged with others for more than eight years planning the work and then, working on the plan.

Drawing from his own personal development, and best-practice CARC Training, Thomas is upbeat, creative, and enjoys life in all of its abundance. His coaching style is relational while fueling change in the lives of his clients. Having sampled a variety of nooks and crannies of the country from Key West to California, Thomas has connected with a wide range of people, making him confident and comfortable working with individuals from all walks of life. “Thomas is a strong, vital presence with others,” Brad Lamm, owner of and Breathe Life Healing Centers shared the value Thomas brings to each case. “Warm and welcoming, Thomas is one part bulldog and another part change maker.”

Thomas considers his most valuable coaching traits to include: honesty, humor & a direct communication style. Outside of his coaching work Thomas is passionate about increasing access to minimally served populations, and family education. His current personal goals include obtaining his pilot’s license and qualifying for the Boston Marathon. He has completed 2 Iron Man competitions, 8 Marathons, and 15 Half-Marathons. He prefers New Balance over Nike, hands down.

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